• New Clients

    As you contemplate working with Gen-X, we can guarantee a standard of operational quality.

  • Existing Clients

    Once you're part of the Gen-X fold, we continue to provide above and beyond service.

  • Carriers

    The Gen-X name is only as good as our carriers. We strive to make sure you enjoy working with us.

  • At Gen-X, our people care for your project as if it is their own. Beyond being quick and affordable, we hire team members who extend exemplary service, partner with trucking companies that champion safety, and pursue clients for whom we can implement systems that enable growth.

  • Our valued client relationships are characterized by:


    Ethics: We never cut in on your existing relationship with another transportation company; use us as you can.

  • Loyalty: We seek out ongoing relationships, and want to work with you over the long haul.

  • Dependability: We pursue customized solutions regardless of what you throw at us.

  • Authenticity: If we can’t match a competitor’s price, we’ll tell you to take it.

  • Honesty: What we deliver is what we’ve promised—or better.

  • As you contemplate working with Gen-X, these are our promises to you:


    We’re not out to replace your current transportation company, but if they can’t handle a job, we’d love to help out.

  • If we can’t handle your job well or cost-effectively, we will refer you to someone who can.

  • We strive to provide competitive pricing that reflects the needs and services required.

  • We will vet every carrier’s safety record before we give them your freight to ensure peace of mind.

  • We will ship anywhere in the US and Canada.

  • If you have a challenge that falls outside our traditional services, we’ll come up with an effective solution.

  • Once you’re part of the Gen-X fold, we continue to provide exemplary service:


    Beyond shipping, we also develop ongoing processes to ensure each load travels more smoothly.

  • We learn your internal procedures and adhere to them.

  • Where possible, we secure your load with the same carrier and driver to build familiarity and expertise.

  • We’re accessible 24/7, and provide updates when your load is picked up, in transit, and upon delivery.

  • We strive to develop relationships that maximize efficiency.

  • Billing is set up according to your preferences.

  • The Gen-X name is only as good as our carriers, so we strive to make sure you enjoy working with us:


    Our brokers know the landscape of our customers, providing landmarks and accurate directions.

  • We provide details of the load up front, so that you can make an informed decision.

  • We’ll always assume that a driver’s expertise can be useful, soliciting opinions and feedback.

  • Our brokers are accessible if you run into problems, each with an average of 15 years in the industry.

  • We’ll use you and your drivers again and again; it’s our desire to form long-lasting relationships.

  • Transportation

    Gen-X offers a wide range of transportation services:

    • Flatbed
    • Dry Van
    • Oversize
    • Supersize
    • Expedited / Team Service
    • Overnight Air Freight
    • Partial Truck Load
    • International Services (Ocean / Air)
  • Processes & Procedures

    Beyond moving your freight, Gen-X also develops customized solutions that continually improve your company’s performance. Processes that address quality assurance and control, suggestions on how to package and ship for maximum cost efficiency, procedures that ensure freight safety from one destination to another: these are just a few of the ways we provide ongoing service to our customers. Already have these systems in place? You’ll be amazed at how quickly we can adapt to your proven way of working.

  • Warehouse Management

    If your freight needs to be warehoused for a season, Gen-X can handle these arrangements from beginning to end. We’ll source a safe location, negotiate an effective contract, and schedule the pick-up and delivery of the cargo. For storage at your location, Gen-X can arrange a trailer lease that allows you to store your freight onsite and then simply pick it up when it’s time for transport. And we always look for opportunities to consolidate your load with others in order to save you money.

  • Gen-X provides Foundation Systems with flatbed and hotshot transports in all 48 states. For certain loads, we have to follow company-specified instructions (advanced contact with site, special routing instructions, meet an escort when taking a load into the facility), but we take pride in our ability to adapt and work to whatever standards our clients set out.

    “Gen-X is always willing to help us out when we need to move something NOW, even re-arranging schedules to make it work and still getting us the best rate. With a day or two’s notice, I can rely on them to have a truck available and to get my shipment delivered that day. Our customers then know that they can rely on us to get them their product when they need it, and we earn more of their business in the future.”

    —Maria Bertram, Traffic Manager, Foundation System & Anchors, Inc.

  • Thermon Manufacturing hires Gen-X to transport their high-value, specialized freight throughout the US and parts of Canada. These requests are often last minute and require specialized equipment to help the client meet month-end, quarter-end, and year-end goals.

    “Our contact at Gen-X is terrific. She is very reliable and keeps to her commitments, following up to make sure that our freight doesn’t get held up along the way, until she fulfills an on-time delivery. Moreover, she’s become very knowledgeable about our products, and takes care to inform the drivers about how to best load and secure them for safe transport.”

    —Phyllis Lopez, International Order Management Coordinator, Thermon Manufacturing Company

  • Our relationship with DHL has found Gen-X providing flatbed, step deck, double drop, dry van, and expedited services. Regardless, we always go above and beyond in our contact with the client, providing updates through the progress of the shipment and finding available trucks when other brokers cannot.

    “Our work with Gen-X has been characterized by speedy replies to our requests and an ability to find trucks at short notice, helping us meet our clients’ expectations. They’ve forged a strong relationship with our company through great communication and an ability to get things done on time, as we’ve requested.”

    —Jason Eastland, Logistics Analyst, DHL Global Forwarding

  • Not only does Gen-X provide Tremcar with flatbed, dry van, and power only options for transporting freight to and from Canada, but we also help them store and warehouse their freight on site by sourcing empty trailers. Gen-X’s suggestions have helped make Tremcar’s shipping and receiving processes more efficient and streamlined.

    “Gen-X will take on any challenge I put in front go them. Not only have they moved our freight, but they’ve provided us with trailers at our USA facilities for storage, and also made suggestions on how we can improve our shipping/receiving procedures.  No other freight company out there provides the level of attention that Gen-X does.”

    —Aaron Miller, Purchasing Manager, Tremcar USA

  • Transporting specialized equipment and sensitive, high value freight for this North Carolina manufacturer, Gen-X has been able to provide last-minute service, sourcing trucks and delivering freight on-time, damage-free, and at a lower rate than our competitor.

    “I’ve had a very good relationship with Gen-X. They always provide a timely response to my freight quotes and always have a carrier available. They regularly follow up with me after a job and even reach out to see if I need additional services.”

    —Amy, Shipping Coordinator, North Carolina Manufacturing Company

  • Gen-X provides flatbed, step deck, double drop, hot-shots, and even RGNs (removable goose neck) for V&S Schuler. Not only that, but we also spot trailers on Schuler’s property, which allows the company to load trailers when it’s convenient, maximize workflow efficiency, accommodate a flexible production schedule, and store products for their clients before shipping. Gen-X also stays attuned to the processes by which Schuler procures raw materials and exports finished goods, helping to hone receiving, quality control, quality assurance, and accountability.

    “Gen-X is in sync with what we need accomplished. After a few projects, when given a task, they now know how we want it handled and completed. This makes for a very efficient process. Our dynamic is like a well-oiled machine. They have come to know us, as well as the way we do business; its NOT just about a job, but also about relationships and teamwork.”

    —Andy Eick, Plant Manager, V&S Schuler

  • “Gen-X has always been great to work with. They’re easily accessible, very honest, handle issues in a timely manner, and pay us well for our services.”

    —Kevin S. Jones, Owner, Happy Valley Trucking

  • “The people at Gen-X are honest. What they say is what they mean. They’ve never told anything but the truth, which is a very difficult quality to find in the transportation field. What also sets them apart is their level of professionalism with every load they broker, no matter the dollar amount, big or small.”

    —Reno Stevanus, Owner, Reno & Company

  • “Working with Gen-X is a ‘no hassle’ experience. They work closely with the shipper, so the freight is always ready when our drivers show up. The rates are fair and we always get paid promptly. They deal honestly, with no BS, and that’s refreshing from a broker.”

    —Steve Keim, Vice President, Precision Transport Management, Inc.

  • “Our drivers are excited to hear that they are hauling a Gen-X load. They have come to expect a level of communication that we rarely get from other brokers. We never have a problem that isn’t taken care of with a quick phone call. We don’t worry about things going wrong, our load being given to a different carrier, or rate undercut. Gen-X is a company of their word in an industry that isn’t always honest.”

    —Jessica Heileman, Operations Manager, JD Heileman Enterprises